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Pella’s Tuition Assistance Program Helps Team Members to Pursue Their Educational Dreams

Alicia Henderson

As we celebrate graduations, we want to recognize team members pursuing their dreams through continuing education.  One team member living this journey is Alicia Henderson. A curious person by nature, Alicia loves learning and has had several roles across the organization during her 9 years working for Pella. Today, she is the marketing manager for the Luxury division. She is also a student at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, pursuing a Master of Business Administration – thanks to Pella’s Tuition Assistance Program. 

I get plenty of on-the-job learning here at Pella, but for me, the external experience and hearing from others in the master’s program is a great way to explore and grow while still being able to do the job I love here at Pella,” said Alicia.

The Tuition Assistance Program is designed to encourage personal and professional growth by offering financial assistance for continuing education. The program has supported 30 team members since 2021. 

“The best way we can help our team members grow is it to provide opportunities to learn continuously – tuition assistance is one of those ways,” said Kristin Tague, Director of Talent & Leadership Development.

Alicia learned about Pella's Tuition Assistance Program from a mentor within the company. 

"After I had been in the workforce a few years, I wanted to do something that broadened my perspective and challenged me to consider new ideas and other methods of solving problems," said Alicia. 

She has been able to balance her full-time job, motherhood, and education by taking it slow and steady. She emphasized that she takes it at a pace that allows her to focus on the most important things, like her family. 

Pella's Tuition Assistance Program is open to all full-time employees who have been with Pella for at least one year and are pursuing an approved degree that can be applied to Pella’s business. For more information about the program, team members can get in touch with your manager or HR representative.