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Pella Unveils Insynctive Smart Home Technology

Window and door manufacturer is leading its industry to develop home automation products for windows and doors

Pella Windows and Doors introduces its newest innovation, Pella® Insynctive™ technology – a family of smart products for windows and doors designed to deliver security, comfort, and convenience.

A leading innovator in the window and door industry, Pella is one of the first manufacturers in its category to develop smart home products for windows and doors. Pella Insynctive smart home products include window and door sensors, garage door sensors, entry door deadbolt sensor, status indicator, bridge and motorized blinds and shades. Full product details can be found at

Pella unveils its Insynctive technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. At CES, attendees can visit Pella’s booth 70426 in the Tech West Sands Expo Smart Home area to view Insynctive smart home technology. Insynctive products will be available in late January and can be purchased at a Pella Showroom or through an in-home consultation with a Pella sales representative.

The family of home automation products is already garnering industry attention and accolades. Pella’s Designer Series® windows and doors with snap-in between-the-glass blinds and shades with Insynctive technology has been named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree in the SmartHome product category. The new motorized blinds and shades snap in and out and are powered by rechargeable batteries that are charged by a solar panel on the exterior. Additionally, Insynctive smart home technology was recently selected as a Better Homes & Garden’s CES Editor’s Choice.

Security, comfort and convenience

Using Insynctive technology, homeowners can know at a glance if windows, doors and garage doors are opened or closed and if their entry door is locked or unlocked. Insynctive also allows homeowners to control motorized blinds and window shades. The integrated system of sensors and motorized blinds and shades can be controlled while at home simply using the status indicator or remote control, or while away by integrating with a compatible home automation system. Pella currently has partnerships with Wink, Nexia™ Home Intelligence, Crestron and Savant—with additional partnerships coming in 2015.

The introduction of Insynctive smart home technology products creates a complete solution for homeowners, allowing them to purchase windows, doors, blinds and shades, and the automation system for those products with Pella.

“We don’t make windows and doors for homes, we make windows and doors for people. People who are asking for solutions to better control their homes and work spaces,” says Larry Ehlinger, general manager—Insynctive business unit, Pella Windows and Doors. “We believe Insynctive smart home technology delivers a solution that allows homeowners to control the level of security, comfort and convenience they want in their home from their windows and doors.”

Entry into home automation

Insynctive products are sold separately and give homeowners the ability to choose the products they need to get the level of home management they want whether a single sensor on the front door or outfitting the entire home with sensors and Insynctive blinds and shades.

“We know home automation is still an intimidating concept for most homeowners,” says Ehlinger. “Incorporating Insynctive products as they are purchasing their windows or doors gives us the opportunity to help them through the entire process and simplify home automation.”

Insynctive family of smart products

Full product details can be found at

Window, door and garage door sensors

  • Insynctive Window, Door and Garage Door Sensors wirelessly relay information via the Bridge to the Insynctive Status Indicator so, while at home, users know at a glance whether windows and doors are opened or closed.
  • Insynctive Window and Door Sensors mount easily to most any brand of window or door—no tools required. The Insynctive Garage Door Sensor mounts to most types of tilting or lifting garage doors.

Entry door deadbolt sensor

  • Insynctive Entry Door Deadbolt Sensor can be installed with a new Pella entry door and will indicate if the door is closed and locked.

Pella® blinds and shades with remote control and Insynctive technology

  • Pella’s Designer Series® snap-in between-the-glass blinds and shades and Pella roomside blinds and shades are available with motorized Insynctive technology. While at home, homeowners can control all the blinds and shades in a room using the remote control.
  • Additionally, Pella blinds and shades with Insynctive technology can be programmed to a compatible home automation system via the Insynctive bridge and operated from a smart device.
  • Homeowners can choose between cellular shades, roller shades, wood blinds* and between-the-glass blinds or shades with Insynctive technology. *Available Summer 2015.
  • Pella Insynctive technology can help increase a home’s comfort. Between-the-glass blinds or shades that feature this technology can block over 50 percent more of the sun’s energy than windows without blinds or shades.

* Based on the solar heat gain from the sun when the shades are in an open vs. closed position.

Industry innovation leader

With a 90-year history of innovation, Pella is known for making outstanding products, providing quality service and delivering on customer satisfaction.