09:20 AM

Pella Team Members Celebrate Reaching $2.7 Million for JDRF

Pella Corporation continues to make a difference through its partnership with the Juvenille Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) thanks to our team members! Team members—across all locations—raised $122,363 this year! As we enter our fifteenth year of fighting to turn Type One into Type None, team member contributions and company sponsorships have raised $2.7 million—an outstanding effort!

The fundraising events for JDRF have become an integral part of Pella’s culture. Each year, team members from across the organization exercise their competitive spirit and form teams, which vie to raise the most money. On September 14, Pella celebrated this year’s fundraising efforts and honored the JDRF teams whose contributions topped the list. "Team Door Plant" finished first with an impressive $32,989.

During the celebration, JDRF teams had the opportunity to hear from a panel consisting of an adult and children living with T1D (type one diabetes), as well as their siblings and parents. In addition, Michelle Weigel, executive director for the JDRF Greater Iowa Chapter, praised how Pella’s contributions are special and unique.

“Pella Corporation leads by example and inspires other companies every day as I share your stories and success with them. Pella Corporation’s support of JDRF is special, not only that it raises money for vital T1D research that IS CHANGING LIVES, but also its team building opportunities for Pella employees. It is impossible to enter the doors at Pella and not smile and feel the sense of happiness and purpose from those I interact with during my visits–it buzzes around me every time. This kind of culture doesn’t just happen and isn’t common. Congratulations to the executive leadership team, Rolscreen Foundation, and each of you for being part of this special culture, this special company, and a special partner for JDRF. I cannot thank you enough,” said Michelle.

CEO Tim Yaggi is challenging the JDRF teams as well as all Pella team members to reach $3 million by 2020.