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Pella Redesigns Architect Series® Scenescape™ Patio Doors

Scenescape multi-slide and bifold patio doors now deliver improved performance and design, plus easier installation

The demand for wide open living with patio doors that seamlessly transition from indoors to outdoors isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, Pella Windows and Doors has seen the desire from homeowners for large patio doors moving farther north and east, to places like Wisconsin and even Canada, from their origination in the mild southwest. This demand spurred the company to redesign its Architect Series Scenescape patio doors to deliver improved performance, design and easier installation, allowing multi-slide, and bifold patio doors to be incorporated into many Pella projects across the country.

“We’ve had our eye on the demand from homeowners for these patio doors in both mild and harsh climates and we have been working on redesigning them for the past two years so homeowners across the country can enjoy the beauty these doors deliver. But beyond appearance, homeowners also expect high performance, in the form of energy efficiency, functionality and durability,” said Sandy Blom, Senior Associate Product Manager.

The redesign of the Scenescape products focused on three key areas: enhanced performance, expanded design features and easier installation.

Enhanced Performance

To ensure Pella Scenescape patio doors met performance expectations in harsher climates, as well as mild climates, the redesigned doors went through rigorous air, water, and structural testing.

Key features added to heighten performance include:

  • A thermally broken multi-slide frame design suited for colder, wetter climates
  • Patent pending multi-slide weep sill helps prevent water infiltration without the inconvenience of an unsightly sill riser, providing options for both mild and harsher climates. It comes with a built-in sill pan for easy water management.
  • Both multi-slide and bifold utilize Pella’s wide variety of glass options, offering energy-rated door options to accommodate a range of energy needs throughout the country.
  • Outswing bifold doors offer air, water and structural ratings as well, and both in-swing and out-swing doors are NFRC-rated with options to meet energy requirements. Choose triple—pane for even more energy savings.

Expanded Design

Multi-slide and bifold patio doors now feature design options offered on Pella Architect Series® Reserve™, and Pella Architect Series® traditional and contemporary product lines to ensure a consistent finish throughout the project.

“Keeping the beauty and style of the home is important to homeowners, and it’s important to us. Now homeowners can create a seamless look – whether traditional or contemporary – throughout the finishes, features and options,” said Blom.

The redesigned patio doors are also compatible with any of the Pella/Baldwin handle-sets for hardware. Bifold patio doors also now offer concealed dual point locks and sleek handles to provide easy operation and an unparalleled aesthetic.

Easier Installation

In addition to improving the performance and aesthetic of the patio doors, Pella also worked to streamline the installation, specifically on their multi-slide product.

“We heard from builders and contractors that installing these large patio doors was challenging. There were lots of parts and it was a cumbersome process. So, we set out to cut down on the complexity of parts and pieces on these doors to make installation easier,” said Howard Anderson, Product Engineer.

For instance, Pella’s multi-slide patio doors now have a simple, knock-down frame system that drastically reduces complexity and time required for installation by limiting assembled frame components to as little as four pieces.

Wide Open Living

Pella’s multi-slide and bifold doors range in sizes to fit a variety of openings. Products can even be utilized as a window pass-through over a bar or countertop.


  • Door panels can accommodate a maximum opening of 45' wide.
  • Door heights are available from 50.5” up to 10’, with panel widths from 20” up to 60”.


  • Using 10 door panels, the maximum opening width is 26', and even wider through Pella’s unique custom solutions services.
  • Door heights range from 51.5” up to 10’, with panel widths from 14.25" to 42”.

For more information about the Pella Scenescape patio doors and other Pella products, visit pella.com.

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