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Pella Puts New York On Mute at Grand Central Station With Pop-Up Home Installation

Leading window and door brand puts sound performance on dynamic display with home activation showcasing noise-reducing window and patio door products

Monday, June 17, 2019 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Every day Americans are bombarded by noise – loud music, traffic, the garbage truck. These sounds, and many others, are harmful to our health.

In fact, 97 percent of the U.S. population is exposed to harmful levels of noise.[1] Pella Corporation, a leading window and door brand, with a reputation for innovation has set out to put noise in its place with their new Lifestyle Series wood windows and patio doors. The new line combines everything homeowners love about wood—including its beauty, durability and style flexibility— with their most desired features like sound control, energy efficiency and color options. To demonstrate the noise-reducing capabilities of the brand’s newest windows and patio doors, Pella is testing them with the sounds of the noisiest city in America: New York.

On Monday, June 17, Pella is taking on annoying sounds of America, like street music and leaf blowing, and measuring how much noise Lifestyle Series windows can keep out. The pop-up home experience in Grand Central will be built using the brand’s new Lifestyle Series windows and patio doors. Passersby will be able to activate a sound within the home and watch as the noisy activity, such as leaf blowing, is performed by a live improv actor within the space. Viewing the decibel reader, commuters can watch and hear how the noise is reduced.

The interactive installation draws attention to noise pollution, a heightening concern among consumers. In New York City alone, nine out of 10 adults are exposed to noise levels that exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s limit.[2]

“We’re introducing this product to New Yorkers mid-commute to show the intentional use of windows and doors in a home and how these products can serve as a solution to harmful, every day noises,” said Emily Videtto, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Pella Corporation. She added, “Every day we are bombarded by noise and there is a real need for peace and quiet. Lifestyle series windows can deliver that and we’re here to prove it.”

Pella also teamed up with HGTV host and interior designer Sabrina Soto to style the home using fabrics and materials that help reduce noise. Commuters can stop by New York City’s Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station on June 17 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. to see the home for themselves, engage with Pella design experts, test the windows against the sounds of New York, and see Soto’s tips on how to make their home a quiet sanctuary.

“Through our commitment to innovation, we are focused on creating solutions for real life. Showing up in unexpected ways, like at Grand Central Station, is a great opportunity to highlight the impact windows and doors can have in creating a sanctuary in their home,” said Videtto.

Not near New York? Visit newyorkonmute.com to learn more about Pella Lifestyle Series.

[1] Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2017

[2] Neitzel RL., Gershon RR, McAlexander TP, Magda LA, Person JM. Exposures to transit and other sources of noise among New York City residents. Environ Sci Technol. 2012; 46:500-508

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