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Pella® Introduces Integrated Rolscreen® Window Innovation; Modern Design Meets Effortless Functionality

Retractable Screen Appears when Window is Open and Rolls Out of Sight when Closed, Moving Seamlessly with Double- and Single-Hung Windows


Pella introduces game-changing Integrated Rolscreen window solution to homeowners.

In a game-changing move for the future of modern day windows, Pella Corporation today announced a consumer product first with its introduction of the Integrated Rolscreen®, a concealed, retractable screen that moves seamlessly with the sash of double- and single-hung windows. This home design innovation retains the aesthetic appeal of the window with a reduced need to maintain the screens, and it allows homeowners to have the best of both worlds — a screen that automatically appears when the window is opened and is hidden when the window is closed. The Integrated Rolscreen is initially available on Pella Architect® Series™ Reserve double- and single-hung windows beginning August 13, with plans to expand into additional product lines in 2019. Homeowners can visit more than 200 Pella showrooms across the country to learn more about Integrated Rolscreen products and request cost estimates for their projects.

The Integrated Rolscreen appears at both the lower sash and the upper sash of double-hung windows, and appears at the lower sash of single-hung windows. Pella designed the Integrated Rolscreen with practicality and homeowners’ modern day desires in mind, bringing forward functionality, durability and the unhindered beauty of their home. These are qualities that homeowners and home project partners, including architects and designers, often look for when selecting windows. In a recent survey, Pella found that 69 percent of homeowners open their double-hung windows more frequently than any other type of window*. Details matter, and it can be difficult to enjoy the beauty of a space when the windows are covered with screen cloth.

“The Integrated Rolscreen product introduction is a game-changer for consumers and for the future of window screens because it adds both functionality and simplicity - it’s fully integrated into the window so you don’t have to do anything extra,” said Alan Pickett, Director of Architectural Business Development, Pella Corporation. “Details matter, and to have hung window screens there when you need them and hidden when you don’t creates a completely new solution with convenience and flexibility that homeowners will value. We also know from our experiences and research that the majority of architects and homeowners are not big fans of screens because they interfere with aesthetics, and now they have a choice that provides the best of both worlds.”

The Integrated Rolscreen creates a cleaner, more polished look from the interior and exterior, more light streaming into the space than a window with a full screen, and no seasonal screen storage is required unlike traditional window screens.
Building on a legacy of forward thinking, this product introduction comes out of a long history of customer-centric innovation, beginning with the patented casement window Rolscreen retractable screen, introduced when Pella was founded nearly 100 years ago.

In addition to the Integrated Rolscreen’s seamless aesthetics, homeowners will appreciate its intuitive, easy-to-use design and its high-transparency InView™ screen cloth, which provides more light and airflow than a conventional screen. The patent-pending screen is low-maintenance and eliminates the need for seasonal screen removal and storage because the screen is stored safely in the head and sill of the window when closed. The innovative design also features high-strength magnets that keep the screen in place and a self-correcting feature that quickly re-threads the screen material if needed. Tested in extreme conditions to deliver performance, the Integrated Rolscreen is also backed by Pella’s 10-year transferrable limited warranty.

Pella Architect Series Reserve windows, which are the first line of windows to feature the Integrated Rolscreen, are also backed by the best Limited Lifetime Warranty in the industry for wood windows, and are designed to last.

History of the Rolscreen

In 1925, Pete and Lucille Kuyper invested in the Rolscreen Company (now Pella Corporation) to manufacture Rolscreen window screens that rolled up and down like a shade, and were first designed to be installed on a casement window. At the time, the Rolscreen Company did not produce windows, but eventually began making its own. While designs and materials have evolved over the past 90+ years, the original Rolscreen concept – to let fresh air in and help keep bugs and other elements out only when it’s needed –remains the same. Today, Pella is still owned by the Kuyper family, and continues to be a leader in technology and product innovation, with more than 150 product and design patents. Pella is committed to continuing the company's proud heritage of building high quality windows and doors.

For more information on the Integrated Rolscreen and other Pella premium products, homeowners can visit one of more than 200 Pella showrooms across the country or visit pella.com.

*Source: Market Data Corporation for Pella Corporation 2017 (n=400)
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