15:39 PM

On Changing Careers: Allison Wiley

The Power of Risk & Resilience

Allison Wiley

Finding a career you’re passionate about isn’t always a straight path. Sometimes there are twists and turns, starts and stops, and complete path changes! This was the case for Allison Wiley, Manager of Talent Acquisition at Pella.

For 11 years, Allison thrived in sales for Pella, climbing from a sales representative to a sales trainer and eventually to a sales manager. Her competitive nature and drive for exceeding goals made sales a natural fit for her. As she started a family, though, she began to consider roles requiring less travel.

A mentor in Human Resources pointed out Allison’s ability to scout talent in her sales role and suggested she could use that skill in Talent Acquisition. With the support of her manager and the guidance of her mentor, Allison was able to achieve a career with the Talent Acquisition team.

“I decided to take a risk and see what happened,” she said. “It turned out to be a great fit. I continue to learn and evolve, channeling our shared vision of caring about each other and our business while always pursuing a better way.”

The transition became more than just a career change, allowing her to grow personally and professionally while finding the balance she needed.

"When you have an open mind and passionate spirit for what we do, you always want to improve and find ways to do better for both yourself and the company," Allison said, reflecting on her career journey.

Allison encourages everyone to keep their options open, embrace the unexpected and learn from every experience. "Don’t be afraid to fail," she said. “Surround yourself with people who care deeply about you, and always be open to embracing feedback because that’s only going to help you grow.”