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Home Builders Increase Profits, Quality and Efficiency with New Window Installation Service

As much as ninety-five percent of window and door callbacks are due to improper window installation. To help increase productivity on the jobsite and off-set the ongoing labor & skills shortage, Pella Corporation, a leading window and door manufacturer, is stepping up to help homebuilders nationwide with Pella ProInstall. This new service provides window and door installation by Pella’s own installers. 

These teams install Pella day in and day out. And it shows. They know every product and install them properly the first time, which takes the guesswork out for us. Plus, we know we’re covered by the warranty,” said Patrick Hatcliff, owner of Hatcliff Construction. “Our rep schedules the install and is very thorough with communicating dates and expectations. It’s made our job so much smoother,” Patrick said.

Designed to handle all Pella products, ProInstall manages every aspect of the window installation process for the builder including; opening verification, on-site installation, accessory management, customer callbacks and warranty claims after the project is complete. 

“When you work with Pella, you can expect the most comprehensive installation services in the market today. Builders and homeowners can have confidence that their windows are installed properly and will perform to Pella’s industry-leading standards for years to come.” said Nick Mraz, Strategic National Installation Manager from Pella. 

Expansive & large sizes on both windows and patio doors continue to be in high demand for custom homes, a trend that will continue according to Mraz.  Some patio doors can reach over twenty feet long and twelve feet tall. These large products must be installed properly to perform and function as intended. However, finding experienced framers and skilled laborers to meet these challenges can be a difficult task. With ProInstall Pella is uniquely positioned  to recruit installation talent nationwide with an emphasis on skills training and career development. 

The company has put into place several initiatives to aid in recruitment like: 

  • Adjusting hiring process to open up interviewing times outside of the traditional 9-5 pm professional hours
  • Empowering hiring managers to make same-day job offers to candidates
  • Providing mentorship, partnering new installers with experienced installers for skills training and career development 

For more information about Pella’s available products and services, visit pella.com.