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Celebrating Pride with The Brownstone Boys

Pella Windows in Brownstone Boys home

In the spirit of Pride Month, we are excited to highlight Pella’s recent partnership with Barry Bordelon and Jordan Slocum, also known as The Brownstone Boys. The duo are designers, DIY-ers, renovators and restorers in Brooklyn, New York who are forwarding the cause of design and the LGBTQ+ community.

Jordan and Barry have been renovating and restoring their 130-year-old historic Brooklyn brownstone since they bought it in 2018. The duo have a passion for old homes and everything that comes along with them: the details, the quirks, the character, and especially the parts that need lots of love.

“We lived with our old, drafty, malfunctioning windows for three years. Some didn’t close, some didn’t open, and all of them looked horrible. It’s a project we have put off for years, but when Pella approached us to collaborate, we decided we could wait no longer!” said Barry.

Jordan and Barry are very familiar with Pella products and have installed them in many of their projects. The duo decided on Lifestyle double-hung series windows and ordered them online through Pella.com.  

“We went with a black exterior and a black stained interior. We really like the look of black stained wood. There are many beautiful colors and wood tones you can choose from,” said Jordan.

We sat down with Barry and Jordan to talk about Pride Month, design, and their advice for young people in the LGBTQ+ community who want to pursue a creative path.

What does Pride Month mean to you?Brownstone Boys Pride

Barry: Pride Month means inclusion, community, and family. It’s a celebration of your chosen family and the bonds that are formed and the relationships that are built.

Jordan: For me, Pride Month means research and history. Pride started as a protest here in New York City. They were fighting for transgender rights. The conversations are still so relevant today with what’s going on in the world. This month is an opportunity to continue to educate myself and a reminder to find ways to fight for the things we strongly believe in.

Describe a moment when being both designers/home renovators and part of the LGBTQ+ community has helped you through a difficult time or helped you find a way forward.

Barry: There isn’t one moment that stands out in our minds, but a series of small moments that have helped us find our way forward. Just the other day, we got a text from a LGBTIQ friend of ours with an encouraging message to keep going. The LGBTIQ community is so supportive, and it’s helped us to step into ourselves personally and professionally.

Jordan: We are still relatively new; we don’t have millions of follows on social media, so seeing that people are interested in us, our story, and what we have to share has helped us too.

What advice do you have for young people in the LGBTQ+ community who want to pursue a creative path?

Barry: Don’t be afraid to take the scary steps and push past imposter syndrome. A lot of people suffer from imposter syndrome – especially in the LGBTIQ and design communities – so I would say to know and understand your worth.

Jordan: Stick to your true, authentic self. It’s easy, especially with social media, to move out of your lane. Stick to who you are because there is room in this community for you to be yourself.

How can people be allies and support the LGBTQ+ community?

Jordan: Do your research. There are so many organizations that you can learn from and support. The more knowledge and education you have, the more equipped you’ll be to teach others in your community.

Barry: Listen. If you want to be a good ally, then listen to your friends and family. While your experiences differ and you may not be able to fully understand, you can be that shoulder for them.

​​​​​​​Pella is proud to partner with the Brownstone Boys and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community this month and always. As a people-focused organization, we believe in amplifying diverse voices, and we strive to create an environment where all team members feel like they belong, are valued for their unique ability to contribute to our collective success, and can rise to their full potential.

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