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LGBTQ+ Ally Fosters Inclusion and Diversity with Passion

Denise +Daughter

To recognize Pride Month, we are shining a spotlight on team members who are actively championing inclusion and diversity. Denise Earley works as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Resource Officer at Pella. She is also an LGBTQ+ ally whose passion for fostering a more inclusive society has driven her involvement in Pride.

Denise's close-knit family has fueled her passion to create a world where everyone feels valued. 

“Opportunity for allyship surrounds me. My oldest brother is disabled and my step father is African American, my niece is Hispanic, and my daughter is gay,” said Denise. She added, “For me, human rights are absolutely vital.”

Denise's involvement in supporting LGBTQ+ rights began years ago. “I volunteered through work initiatives, such as an ally resource group at my previous company, but found an even deeper connection to the community when I started volunteering with Capital City Pride in Des Moines two years ago,” she said.  

As the volunteer coordinator for Capital City Pride, an Iowa-based nonprofit that brings together the members of the LGBTQ+ community along with their friends, allies, and supporters, Denise discovered dedicating her personal time to this organization and its mission was a fulfilling and impactful way to create positive change. She noted, "Inclusion is so incredibly important. We have an amazing opportunity as allies to help advance causes surrounding underrepresented groups that otherwise wouldn't move forward without our help.”Denise Pride

Denise encourages everyone to get involved with a cause that matters to them. “The magic happens when we’re willing to step outside of the things we do on a daily basis and use our talents to further a cause we’re passionate about.”  

You can find Denise using her talents to serve the community at this year’s 44th annual PrideFest, which will take place June 9-11 in the historic East Village of Des Moines, Iowa. To learn how you can get involved, visit PrideFest’s website, or visit your community’s Pride website. 

Keep an eye out later this month as we share Human Resource Manager Justin Ruegg’s first-hand experience at this year’s PrideFest in Des Moines.