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Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers: A Homeowner's Experience

With a two-year-old boy and a little one on the way, Fran and Rocky couldn’t think of anyone better than the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, to help them sell their current home and find a new home that would work for their growing family. Before this new baby was born, Fran and Rocky were already making plans to move out of their small home to make room for the new addition. The first part of the plan was to find a buyer for their home, but with the current layout and design of their home, they didn’t seem to have eager buyers knocking at the door. Their home city of Nashville is growing rapidly and a good contractor is hard to come by if you have a pressing deadline. Property Brothers to the rescue! Among the many improvements they made, Jonathan and Drew chose Pella Architect Series Contemporary casement and double-hung windows and a fiberglass entry door to bring more light into the kitchen, dining room, and living room. We caught up with the homeowners, Fran and Rocky (who recently welcomed their new baby) to hear their story of being chosen for an episode of Property Brothers: Buying + Selling.


Q: Why did you decide to enlist Jonathan and Drew’s help with the selling of your old home and the purchase of your new home?

Fran & Rocky: Our home was built in 1941 and was not very functional for modern family life. We have known since we bought the home that we would probably have to move as soon as our little family started to grow, but we also knew that it may take a little longer to sell looking the way that it did. Jonathan and Drew really are the best in the business when it comes to designing, renovating and finding the perfect new home so there was never any question about who we were going to call on to help us with the project.

Q: What about your home design prompted you to renovate your home before selling?

Fran & Rocky: Our biggest issue with the home was probably the kitchen. You could touch all four walls of the room just by standing in the center. My husband does most of the cooking, (mainly because we want our meals to actually taste good!), and while he’s cooking, we like to listen to music and take the time to be together as a family. That really wasn’t an option with our old layout and so in order to make it appealing to potential buyers, the home really needed more of an open concept.

Q: What stopped you from completing these renovations before working with Jonathan and Drew?

Fran & Rocky: Nashville is a city that is growing very rapidly and so to try to find a contractor that was able to come and look at the house, let alone start working on it, became the biggest challenge for us. Jonathan really saved us with the renovation, and we think he did a fantastic job!

Q: How have the new door and windows contributed to the improvement of the overall design and layout of your home?

Fran & Rocky: The windows and doors really give the home more of a modern feel, while still keeping the character. The new windows in the kitchen give the space more natural light which alone made it feel like a bigger space. The door brought a slight modern touch to the outside, as well as letting in more light. The craftsmanship on it all was second to none, which made the home more aesthetically pleasing overall.

Q: What was it like working with Jonathan and Drew on your home renovation? How long was the entire process?

Fran & Rocky: We cannot say enough good things about Drew and Jonathan. They are so professional, friendly and they really know their stuff. I don’t know if they sleep. Ever. I mean these guys are on the go all the time just trying to help as many people as they possibly can. It was so great to meet them and we miss having them and their whole team around! The whole process took 4 weeks.

Q: What is your favorite part of the updates in your home?

Fran & Rocky: Definitely the dine in kitchen and open feel. The home now feels more spacious but has also still kept its coziness and character, which is partly what drew us to that home in the first place. Hopefully the next family is enjoying it!

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