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Blur the Line Between Indoors and Outdoors with Multi-Panel Patio Doors

Pella Scenescape multi-slide, lift-and-slide and bifold patio doors expand views

The walls between indoor and outdoor living are shifting, literally. Large, multipanel doors like those from the Pella Scenescape collection are allowing contractors to give homeowners options to move the walls from their indoor space to their outdoor living space.

“We’re seeing more homeowners who want more glass, narrower frames and moving panels to expand the views in their homes and create large openings from one room to another,” says Sandy Blom, Pella product manager. “Contractors have been using Pella Scenescape patio doors to create panoramic views and the look of floor-to-ceiling windows, and now have even more options to chose from.”

Scenescape multi-slide, lift-and-slide, and bifold styles have been available on Pella’s Architect Series® collection and now come in the Designer Series®  lines. Designer Series Scenescape multi-slide, lift-and-slide, and bi-fold patio doors offer the snap-in between-the-glass blinds and shade options, including the choice of Insynctive.

“The different styles offer multiple sliding and stacking options based on the homeowner’s aesthetic and preference,” says Blom. “Folding doors can stack either to the inside or on the outside. Sliding patio doors can have the panels slide and stack against a wall or be pocketed into a wall cavity for an even larger opening.”

Multi-slide and lift-and-slide doors

Multi-slide door panels are designed to be installed on a floor sill track for smooth operation.

The door panels can tuck out of sight within a wall pocket or stack together. Lift-and-slide panels are lifted off the track with a turn of the handle, allowing the panels to roll open or closed. Multi-slide and lift-and-slide doors allow for multiple configurations up to 10 panels wide with the ability to customize the design.

Bifold doors

Pella bifold patio doors stack neatly against themselves and can fold toward the interior or exterior. The bifold panels can travel to one side or open in the middle, and tracks can be straight, meet at a 90-degree corner, or curve, adding design flexibility. Pella can make bifold doors to fit an opening as small as four feet wide to as large as 35 feet wide.

Homeowners interested in learning more about Pella Scenescape patio doors can visit or can visit a local showroom to connect with a Pella expert.