Designing with light

Warm sunlight streaming in through a beautiful window or door can brighten anyone’s day. Designing with natural light by installing a new window or door can give new life to an old room and provide a fresh look to your current furnishings and dcor. Listen as Pella's Vice President of Marketing and Customer Support, Elaine Sagers, discusses the importance of bringing natural light into a home.

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It’s been proven by numerous studies that light helps people feel better about what they do. Whether it’s in their home or whether it’s in the work environment. So by designing with light, which means windows and doors, we provide a more inviting and appealing and workable environment for people to live their lives. And so that creates a better view — not only what they’re looking through, but also what they’re seeing inside the environment that they are in. And so that just helps them feel better about everything that they do throughout their life.

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