Importance of proper installation

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Cordell Burton, Pella’s manager business development – technology, discusses the importance of proper installation and the key to a window’s success in the home.

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We put tons of testing into our windows. I mean, you look at the years of engineering that have gone into this product, a lot of really strong engineering and design has gone into the product. And you can get that really great product. And if you put it into a home and you don’t do it correctly, it’s not going to perform the way it was designed. And so it’s almost more important how it’s installed than how it’s built. Because you can get more air through around the window than you are ever going to think about getting through the window. You can get more water around and in around the window than you can ever think about getting through the window. We test to make sure the window’s right. But how it’s incorporated into a wall makes the real package. It’s not a window until it’s part of that home.

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