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Pella's spokesperson Kathy Krafka Harkema talks about the company's commitment to window safety.

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Pella is very committed to helping keep our communities and our families safe, and that’s why we’re committed to window safety as well. The important thing to keep in mind is keeping windows closed and locked when they’re not in use for ventilation. That helps them seal tight and also helps keep your family members safer, and remember, there’s no substitute when it comes to the importance of adult supervision. So keep an eye on your children in the home, keep their play away from open windows or doors or balconies to help keep them safer. Also, it is very important in bedrooms. Keep things that kids could climb on away from windows because children are curious. You want to keep dressers, keep beds, things away from those windows to help prevent an accident from happening. You want to encourage your children not to be jumping on a bed. Safety is very important, and safety is paramount to Pella Corporation, and that’s why through our year-round safety programs we’re helping advance those safety messages as they relate to windows and doors. Pella is pleased to be a member of the National Safety Council’s Window Safety Task Force and help educate people on the importance of window safety year-round. Another important point when it comes to window safety is to keep in mind that insect screens are simply designed to keep insects out. They are not designed to keep children safe. So keep children away from windows and train your children in your home that screens are simply designed to keep insects out.

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