Pella's Architectural Support Services team assists with plans

Who and what are Architectural Support Services and the Architectural Support Services Design Group?

  • Team of Pella architects, engineers, design drafters and specialists with construction expertise with more than 150 years of experience to assist architects, builders and remodelers by providing
    • Engineering design solutions
    • Installation designs, shop drawings and details, both preliminary and final
    • Custom product design and installation evaluation
    • Specifications review
    • Codes and regulation compliance assistance
    • Laboratory or field testing assistance
    • Initial on-site installation advisory service
    • Problem solving … before problems occur!

Benefits and advantages of using Pella Architectural Support Services

  • Risk reduction
    • Custom product and shop drawings designed to maximize product and installation performance, along with a proper water management system, structural reinforcement and glazing system
    • Reduce or eliminate reorders, delays and callbacks
  • No surprises
    • Architects’ design requirements are met
    • Customer sees window design early in the design/building process
    • Builder has correct rough opening and installation details
    • Any potential design challenges are resolved early in the process, not on the job site
    • Drawings are cross-referenced in order process to ensure product accuracy
    • Manufacturing has information needed to fulfill order
    • Products and services are delivered when needed, as promised
  • Cost savings
    • Ensure design requirements are met, providing the most economical solution
    • Eliminate guesswork in the field, which helps reduce labor costs (get it right the first time)
  • Installation shop drawings
    • One common document coordinates the architect/specifier’s design intent, with the responsibilities of the builder, installer, sales representative, order entry and delivery personnel
    • Provides a detailed installation guide, including flashing, sealant, reinforcing and attachment requirements, customized to the specific wall condition
  • Custom design product drawings
    • Presentation-quality drawings link the design intent of the project and the final manufactured product
    • Eliminate potential miscommunication
    • Drawing files directly integrated with order entry system and manufacturing, streamlining order turnaround time
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