Factory-applied exterior aluminum trim

Exterior aluminum trim adds architectural detail, saves time

Factory-applied exterior aluminum trim adds architectural detail to the windows and doors on both residential and non-residential buildings and can help save time and money in the installation process. 

Exterior aluminum trim features include:  

  • The trim paint finish matches the paint finish of Pella aluminum-clad wood windows and doors
  • Available in twenty-seven Pella EnduraClad® color options and virtually unlimited custom colors.
  • Seacoast and EnduraClad® Plus finishes in virtually unlimited custom colors are also available.
  • In addition to an existing 1-1/2” Brickmould profile, four new trim profile options include the 1-1/2” curved-profile Monroe, 3 1/2” Brickmould, 3-1/2” curved-profile Jefferson and 3 1/2” Flat Casing
  • Four new sill nose options include 1/2” sill nose, 1” sill nose, 2” sill nose and 3 1/2” flat casing sill nose
  • Beyond the standard trim and sill nose profiles noted above, nearly unlimited custom profiles can be engineered to meet the specific needs of your project. 
  • Factory-applied trims are also available on windows and doors with curved or angled shape
  • Compatible with new construction and replacement/renovation installation methods

Exterior trim performance and installation:

Products using Pella’s factory-applied exterior aluminum trims are tested to the same rigorous air and water testing standards used on Pella windows and doors.  In addition, they feature an integrated weep system enhancing the water management process. By adding small weep holes to the sloped sill nose design, water that manages to get behind the trim is stopped by the sealed fin and weeps out the front of the sill nose.

In new construction walls where the windows are installed from the exterior, the windows, patio doors, and entry doors, with factory-applied aluminum trim are easy to install and use a similar installation methodology as Pella’s nail fin installation method.  The attaching fin is factory-sealed to the product, providing a water barrier to the wall. 

In new construction walls where products with factory-applied trims must be installed from the interior, the products can be attached to the opening from inside the building with installation clips or with screws through the frame.

For renovation projects involving window replacement, the installation method uses clips or screws to attach the window from the interior while providing optimum performance by applying sealant to the back of the trim prior to installation, thus sealing the trim to the wall.

Pella’s new multi-purpose sealant colors match Pella’s exterior trim colors.