Why do my window or door grilles rattle?

Many homeowners love the look of divided-light windows and doors featuring grilles — bars that divide glass into smaller decorative panes. Historically, true divided-light windows and doors were made up of individually glazed single panes of glass joined together by grilles. Glazing joining the grilles to the glass could deteriorate over time requiring reglazing to connect the grille to the glass. In addition, this single-pane glass design typically lacked the greater energy efficiency of today’s double- and triple-pane insulating glass options. 

Pella® Windows and Doors created modern grille options to provide the look of divided light with the energy-efficient benefits of its double- and triple-pane glass options in wood, fiberglass composite and vinyl windows and doors. 

Pella offers five different grille types:

  • Integral Light Technology® (ILT) grilles – Grilles are permanently bonded to the inside and outside of glass with a nonglare foam spacer in between to cast a realistic shadow like that of individual windowpanes. 
  • Simulated-divided-light grilles – Grilles are permanently bonded to the roomside and outside of the insulating glass, without a spacer between the grilles. 
  • Removable roomside wood grilles – Grilles are attached to the inside of your windows, yet can be quickly removed to make cleaning the glass easier or for a different look.
  • Grilles-between-the-glass – Grilles are permanently sealed between the panes of insulating glass, creating a smooth glass surface that’s easy to clean from the interior and exterior of the structure. 
  • Removable between-the-glass grilles – These grilles snap in and out so you can change them when you want to change the look of your home or business. They’re also protected under glass so they don’t need constant dusting. 

For more information about the Pella product lines that offer these grilles or to learn the best uses for each type, contact your local Pella sales representative or visit http://www.pella.com/windows/learn-about-options-and-features/grille-styles.aspx.

Why grilles sometimes make noise

There’s a Pella grille option for nearly every home or business building style, however, not all locations are suited for modern grilles. Location, traffic flow, window and door configuration and other factors may sometimes cause decorative grilles to “rattle” and create noise. 

Before selecting decorative grilles for your windows and doors, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Rattling grilles may occur in homes or businesses located near high-speed or heavy-duty traffic areas. If you live near an airport, manufacturing/construction facility or busy highway, the walls of your home or business may shake and cause “rattling” with the grilles.
  • Rattling grilles may occur when the window shares a wall with a hinged door. When the door is closed or slammed shut, it may shake the wall and cause the window or door grilles to rattle. 

Help reduce the rattling

If your removable grilles are rattling, follow the instructions in your Pella owner’s manual to remove and reinstall them. Lost your owner’s manual? You can find it online at:


Additional information:

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