Pick prefinished Pella® windows and doors for added quality, convenience

Finishing windows and doors can be a tedious, time-consuming and costly proposition that many builders, remodelers and homeowners dread. Yet finishing of many materials like wood and fiberglass is required to help protect the window or door material from the elements. That’s why investing in factory prefinished products is an attractive option for many, saving the time and hassle of finishing on the job site. Pella’s vinyl and Pella Impervia® fiberglass windows and patio doors are standard factory-prefinished. Pella wood products, along with fiberglass and steel entry doors, can now also be ordered prefinished from the factory.

Pella engineers estimate that factory prefinishing saves at least four hours of finishing time for each Pella wood window alone ─ a significant time and cost savings for contractors, or homeowners who tackle the job themselves or hire others to do it for them.

For added convenience and a consistent look, Pella’s wood windows, patio doors and entry doors, as well as fiberglass or steel doors, can be ordered prefinished. Options range from White to a range of colors or popular stains to complement wood tones in a home or commercial setting. 

Finished with finishing?
When it comes to factory prefinished looks and color tones, the choice is yours. To complement many interior designs popular today, an optional prefinished White interior is available on Pella wood windows and patio doors. Designer Series® products and wood entry doors are also available in prefinished stains. Pella’s professional factory-applied stained finish helps seal the wood and enhances its natural beauty.

Since entryways are often a focal point, you can also choose complimentary or contrasting interior and exterior colors on Pella fiberglass entry doors and  the convenient EnduraClad® frame.

Factory prefinishing is also available in an assortment of paint colors on Pella steel entry doors, from Hartford Green to Brick Red and Naval, for example.

Professionally finished from the factory
Pella applies the finish in a controlled setting by spraying it evenly over the surface prior to assembly to ensure a consistent and uniform appearance, helping reduce blotchiness that can occur in corners and other areas where pieces meet.

With prefinished stains used on Pella wood products, the process includes:
•    Translucent stain pigments to give the color desired, while allowing all the natural character and beauty of the wood to shine through.
•    A sealant applied to help protect the grain, and form a foundation for topcoat adhesion.
•    Multiple layers of an exclusive two-part topcoat, to provide weather- and UV-resistance.

For more information on prefinished window and door options, visit www.pella.com/news or call 888-847-3552. Follow Pella on Twitter @Pella_News.